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Call for MinecraftEDU collaborators!

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I have been toying with this idea for a couple of weeks now and just decided to go ahead and throw it out there and see what happens. I am setting up a MinecraftEDU server that can be accessed by any teacher. The hope is to have teachers collaborate and create a Minecraft unit that can then be made available for download. I think that having teachers collaborate on a particular unit will yield a better product than if any one teacher attempted this on their own. So, my initial idea is to create a Unit or Lesson based on the architecture and history of Ancient Rome. The idea came to me after finding this map available for download. The map has several identifiable Roman structures that could be used in a lesson about Roman architecture. My hope is that teachers will jump in and start adding assignments. Along with the server I have created a Google doc that will allow teachers to add written assignments or questions. The goal is to bundle this document with the map and give teachers the option of printing the document and giving it to students to fill out as they explore the city.

The plan as I see it will work like this:

  1. Server set up with Romecraft map.
  2. Give out the IP: Contact me for IP
  3. Set up a Google Doc to allow teachers to add assignments. This document will be bundled with the map download.
  4. Give out teacher password: Contact me through twitter (@warrenbez), email or leave a comment to get teacher password

Obviously, opening the server like this makes me a little nervous, the opportunity for griefing is huge, but I think the openness allows for more people to jump in and collaborate. This is the first iteration of this idea and future attempts may require a whitelist or private invitations. But for now I am going to  hope for the best.

So, if you are interested jump on to the server and take a look at the city and maybe even add an assignment.

6 Comments on “Call for MinecraftEDU collaborators!”

  1. 1 EduElfie said at 5:06 pm on March 30th, 2012:

    Hi Warren, this is a great idea, I will most certainly be dropping by to see how things are going. Ancient Rome is a topic that I might be teaching later on this year, but history is not my area of expertise. So I will be forwarding this to my colleague who has taught our Ancient Rome unit before and see if she can apply/add things to our course.

    I have been going to do this for a long time, but have been waiting for permission from the powers at my school to open it publicly. So great work getting it going.

  2. 2 Tim wicks said at 9:30 pm on March 30th, 2012:

    Hey Warren, great concept and so glad to see someone putting it into action. I will be spreading the word in my area.

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  5. 5 Stefan Krueger said at 4:30 pm on May 30th, 2012:

    Great idea! I hope it works out. I’m writing a wiki posting on using Minecraft for education, and I’m going to link to this post. I really like the idea of collaborative lesson building.

  6. 6 Rob Edwards said at 12:46 pm on July 2nd, 2012:

    Hi Warren,

    I work at a secondary school in the UK. We have a history teacher and a geography teacher who are really excited about the idea of using Minecraft to teach. We’re sitting down over the next few weeks to get some ideas together. If we could have a looksie around on your server, it would be greatly appreciated.


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